Saturday, December 27, 2014

London travelogue

If you read last year's London post, this London trip is honestly a lot less fun because all I did was shop!!! Like crazy!! Sales everywhere!! Lol. I couldn't contain myself and all I looked forward to everyday was to shop. But on the rare occasions that we did go to sightsee, we went to totally different places to sightsee as compared to last year like the Big Ben, National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery all situated near Trafalgar Square.

The other many firsts on this trip includes me, personally planning the entire trip by myself. By entire trip I really mean accommodation and flight tickets and I did pretty well, if i do say so myself.

Oh and the horrors of VAT claiming(tax refunds) at the Global Blue counters and THE HORRORS OF DEALING WITH TRAVELEX. Travelex is terrible, don't ever waste your time and patience at a Travelex counter like I did because it resulted in me NEVER EVER EVER wanting to go to Heathrow the next time I go to London. Like c'mon, I'm paying extra to travel to Heathrow(tickets flying you to London Heathrow will set you back a few dollars than if you were to choose to travel to London Gatwick, Luton or Stansted), and I get horrible service. I'm talking horrible service like giving attitude, not willing to help kind of horrible service which I absolutely cannot stand la! Changi Airport over any airport any day!!

IDK if its the Singaporean in me that expects top notch service everywhere but isn't it a basic thing to not be rude? Not even in the service sector but at all, in life? Will save that for another day but let's go photos!!! I miss and love London, if not for the terrible and horrible service I received at Travelex Heathrow terminal 3 before departure. Must warn lol cannot give face.

duh emirates

gluten free meal on board Emirates. The tuna salad was amayzzzz

I booked the accomodation via agoda. The place we booked was Presidential Apartments Kensington and it's really conveniently situated near many convenient food places, Earl's Court Station and is a 20 minutes walk away from Kensington High Street(Whole Foods!!!). Almost all of the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette or a mini kitchen which I feel is the best when you travel on a budget. M&S was just down the road and Tesco and Sainsbury's were just a stone's throw away.

yassssss. Whole Foods ballin'

dat cobblestone path tho

gluten free meal part 2 on emirates. That's salmon as the mains btw ^.^

As you can already tell, we didn't do a lot of sightseeing because my therapy is only shopping!! I mean, i'm in a city after all. My sister wasn't a big fan of walking and in London you gotta walk a lot! The tube is hella expensive and confusing at times, which makes me feel so grateful that I live in such a small country lol. So, since there isn't many sightseeing photos, i'll insert some shopping photos that makes me miss shopping in London so much lol
 top: OOS on AA

 dress i have in my birthday post!

 top: mine
Bottoms: High waist jean

 yay to AA! I bought this dress cos it's  too chic!!!

 didn't manage to buy this pretty outfit because apparently, the Global Blue counter we went to at Oxford Street was experiencing a system failure and couldn't give me my refund. So pissed off! Global Blue sucks as well!!! But less than Travelex of course. The level of douchebaggyness of Travelex is insane.

bottoms: OOS on DP

 top: Velvet cami from zara
bottoms: pleather midi pencil skirt from zara

Just a little little into my London shopping spree.

I think Tax Refund is so not well-informed. Which sucks. There is no reason why I should pay for another country's taxes. And "travel bloggers" or "bloggers" who are "wanderlusts" don't freaking tell you the ugly side of travelling. They make travelling so whimsical and don't tell you all you need to know when you travel. Tax refunds being one of them. Not trusting another travel blogger ever again lol. If you're planning to spend a lot of money in another country, please educate yourself on tax refunds before you go. Save yourselves the trouble please.